A little girl with a big dream


I turned my eyes toward the little aerobatic aircraft as it was departing from my hometown’s airfield. My heart was beating so fast that I knew something inside me has changed forever. I knew it right there that I wanted to be a pilot so I took my parents by surprise next morning over breakfast by telling them : I want to be a pilot!. I was so happy my parental embraced my idea and supported my decision. They simply said :Ok, let’s try this one also and there I was few days later departing on a small airplane with a great instructor towards my first flight ever. I was so blown away by that first flight that after our landing I have started making plans on how to achieve my Big Dream.

This story goes back when I was just 17 years old and the whole world around was not very sure a girl could do it or that was even possible, but for me there was no question ,it was only a destination.

As it happens with every single journey, it all starts with a lot of  dreams, tons of ideas and detailed planning about how everything will become as I have imagined. Of course there is a big difference between what we dream and imagine and what really the road is but I feel in my case it was just meant to be up in the air.

I never asked myself or others if it is possible , I just did it.

I have never stopped flying ever since but it all changed about 2 years ago. It was for the best reason in the world  to take a break so I could properly welcome my baby girl ,Sara, into this world.

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When I was 17 years old I dared to dream about flying after my heart went completely crazy watching as a small aerobatic aircraft took off from my home town’s airfield. That was 17 years ago and now I’m back as an airline captain on Airbus 320/321 in Wizz Air after giving birth last year to my baby girl ,Sara❤️.

3 thoughts on “A little girl with a big dream”

    1. Buna seara! Sper ca este in regula sa vorbim in limba romana. Legat de partea financiara nu am investit in aviatie decat banii pentru licenta medicala. Acum 15 ani cand am intrat la Scola Superioara de Aviatie Civila am fost in prima grupa de piloti de elicoptere civila care a fost subventionata de catre statul roman. Partea financiara este in ziua de astazi o reala problema. O seara frumoasa!

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  1. Îmi doresc să devin pilot de linie, însă mă confrunt cu un impediment: astigmatismul. Valoarea dioptriilor nu este mare, dar tinde să crească. Aş putea profesa în domeniu cu această afecțiune sau ar fi indicat să mă reorientez?


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