From Mont Blanc to helicopters


Since I was little I had tons of energy , I was different than many other girls my age because of my choices for different activities: I tried ballet but ended up practicing many years of martial arts , I was going to many chemistry competitions but felt in love with mountains where my soul still can be found.

Life is not always easy or fair with us so when I started climbing in the Romanian mountains I felt like something was changing inside me and the beauty of the nature was just breathtaking.

The moment I have discovered the mountains, I knew it right away that I will never be the average girl as per society’s standards.

When I had to choose between going on a normal vacation in USA and going on Mont Blanc with another friend I took the decision in a heart beat: Mont Blanc. I guess easy journeys were never my thing. If something was filled with hard work, a lot of trainings and tons of planning had my name written all over.

My parents were always by my side even though going on Mont Blanc at 22 years old without a tour guide and without ever being in the Alps was not the most relaxing situation for them. However I did climb Mont Blanc and in the end I realized that climbing is not really about the summit but more about the journey, the memories you make and about what you learn from that experience.

I have learned many things from climbing Mont Blanc:

-to be humble towards the mountains and to life in general,

-that my meteorology teacher was right about the lowest temperature just before sunrise ( it was so cold that I was sure my soul will freeze),

– that Chamonix looks depicted from a fairy tale story and the more you climb the more magical it becomes,

-that it matters who is next to you in your worst times,


-under no circumstance should you eat a Mars at 4808 meters if you still want to have teeth.

As I was descending from the summit to Chalet Gouter, I realized my left eye got frozen and later on that day I also got frostbites at both legs. As I called my parents and described my condition most optimistically and innocently possible, I realized that Mont Blanc was teaching me the most important lesson of them all: how we take things for granted and how important is to put yourself in someone else’s shoes , especially your loved ones. I have learned I was not alone and that what I do in life has a great impact on others. As a mother myself, I can understand now how my parents were feeling after my phone call and after not being able to hear from me for two very long days.

Mountains teach us the hard way, and I was lucky to recover from all the injuries and I was blessed to have a fantastic family that was there for me no matter what.

However, the most important memory from the Chalet Gouter, where we stayed before and after climbing the summit, was a helicopter coming every single day to bring us food. It was just amazing to watch it flying at aproximately 3835 meters.

At that moment I was already flying helicopters back home in Bucharest and realized how much I miss flying. I still miss flying helicopters. I did it for almost three years, and I must say it’s something that I recommend to everyone since it embodies the feeling of pure freedom.

It was that year that I have decided to dedicate myself more to flying that climbing.

The Mont Blanc experience has profoundly changed me and offered me the possibility to learn about being grateful for having the chance to live, feel and climb such a fantastic mountain. A unique experience, a lifetime journey full of memories, lessons, and learning how being humble is the only way to succeed.

Maybe it’s not just a coincidence my first flight coming back from maternity leave will be Geneva, and most probably I will fly over Mont Blanc in my 12.000 meters Airbus office looking at the summit wondering and just thinking: I was there!



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When I was 17 years old I dared to dream about flying after my heart went completely crazy watching as a small aerobatic aircraft took off from my home town’s airfield. That was 17 years ago and now I’m back as an airline captain on Airbus 320/321 in Wizz Air after giving birth last year to my baby girl ,Sara❤️.

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